Reloved Collectables

Reloved Collectables....................

are special items that I find in Second Hand stores, Charity Stores, Garage Sales, Markets and even sometrimes at Council Pick Ups!! Some items are also from display items I have used previously in shops or at home in photo shoots.

I LOVE restoring forgotten gems that have been left by their previous owners unloved and not wanted. It's so satisfiying seeing the before and after photos and looking at the journey each peice has taken to be "reloved" again. I use chalk paint, most of the time in white, but sometimes I may add a base coat of grey, ivory or beige ad if any uphostery is needed this will also be in a neutral tone.

I try to pick items that are still in great condition however sometimes a leg may need to be mended, a crack needing to be filled, or hooks need to be replaced, all these things needing to be done before that actual transformation. All pieces are either given a hard sand back or a good clean followed by a soft sand to start with, 3 coats of paint followed by a distress sand back and then finally a coat of wax to finish off. Upholstery can take a while to get right but its worth spending the extra time and nailing in studs take's pacience!  

Each piece will be unique in its look and style and have its own untold story, but once SOLD, will never be available agian.

Current Reloved Collectables that are available for sale

New Collectables are being added here monthly

Ex Display Rustic Coffee Table

A fabulous piece that is completely rustic and adorable, originally a dark wood but has now been sanded and whitewashed to leave a very distressed feel and look.

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Free Delivery for Central Coast, $5 For Newcastle Area and $25 for North Sydney

Reloved Collectable - Heavy Coffee Table

Beautiful heavy wood makes this sturdy coffee table a stunning piece. It has a unique rustic look by starting with a distressed sand back and then giving an Ivory base, followed by White paint and then a distress with the final coat of wax. The original brass handles have also been distressed too keep the look symmetrical.

The inside of the drawers have not been painted.



Due to weight delivery is $25 on the Central Coast, $30 Newcastle Area and $50 for North Sydney

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Reloved Collectable - Ornate Chair

A gorgeous looking chair that will look divine in any room. A complete sand back, base coat of Paris Grey, 2 coats of White, a distress sand back and finally coat of wax is what too a lot of time to get right. To finish this piece a new upholstery seat and braiding was added that will catch anyone’s eye when they walk into a room.



Free Delivery Central Coast, $5 Newcastle area and $25 for North Sydney