Feather Wall Hangers

Figbowl's Feather wall Hangers came about by accident. I was at my little market shop one weekend in June and found myself a little bored. Looking around for things to do I picked up a box of "One Off" pieces that I had for sale, but for some reason or other, (Now I know why) they just were not selling. In the box was a mixture of hearts, stars, bells and butterflies, some were for hanging up, some for decoration on christmas trees, and others for use in gift wrapping. I thought I would take the box off the shelf for a while and put them away to bring out again closer to Christmas time. As I was prepping the packing away, the balls of string and little wooden pegs on my counter caught my attention, I thought, I could make a little garland out of this lot, no one will probably want one but I'll make one anyway. So after a couple of hours of glueing, cutting, tying, and serving customers, I had my finished product and I was quite impressed with myself, I had made something that was different, funky and decorative. I loved it but thought no one else would. As the glue was still sticky I hung the garland up in the shop and at the end of the day I would pack it up and take it home. That afternoon a couple of lovely ladies walked into my little den and one of them took sight of my garland, "Oh I just love this, look at the bells, this would be perfect for my daughters wedding, how much is it?" What!!! I could not believe it, someone else really liked what I had made. A little gobsmacked I put a price on the garland, wrapped it up and the two lovely ladies walked out very happy with their purchase. For the rest of the afternoon I started to look for any little decoration that would make another garland and thats when "Figgy Buntings" started up!