My Inspiration Board came about when I had a little shop in the South of the Central Coast. It was a very challenging time as we were getting  minimal foot traffic so finding things to do that weren't always "dusting" was a challenge. 

One day I was really missing my family and close friends over in the UK and I needed some inspiration to keep going with my business, so I decide to ask them what words and sayings were inspiring to them. After receiving some very inspiring quotes and words I also asked my family and friends over here in Australia to add to my collection. I had quite the group of inspiring statements and wanted todo something with them, I had a long blank piece of wall that was calling out for some love, so I bought some chalkboard paint and some chalk pens and got straight to work (you can see some of the videos I took when writing things down on my Facebook account)

It took me about 4 full days to finish my board and I LOVED it, so did my customers! Many times customers would just stand infant of the board, reading the quotes and words, taking them all in, laughing here and there, learning new things and some even shedding a little tear. I had a lot of customers ask to take photos as they wanted to remember the inspirations, so I have decided to make my Inspiration Board available to everyone in the form of tea towels, posters and many other ideas yet to come to fruition, so watch this space. 

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